Atalaya: the Myth

Atalaya: the Myth

All pieces in the Atalaya Collection created by Exertion Gold Sun

at Santa Fe Art Institute's Equal Justice residency

May, 2018.


On Atalaya you can drink

the mountains' flowing waters

walk freely as far

as the mountains can see

and much further.


The poles are reversed

and the people come together

to dance and sing.

The pines tell of many subtle signs of life wandering Atalaya's ridges.

They grieve of lost worlds as they whisper their stories.

The mountain's magnificent forests provide voces que sanan,

singing through the images of the Atalaya Collection.

Some of the signs are expressed as ghosts, many are landscapes;

all imbued with a certain kind of life force, whether crystalline, spectral, or decaying.

Beneath Atalaya lays a valley blissful in the solitude of its surrounding mountains,

and in awe of the huge ponderosa that hug its perimeters.

The wild places imprinted in this collection take their palette

from Atalaya's quartz outcroppings, bruised and rusty granite, mint green mosses, and chalky, orangey sandstone base.

Unexpected are what they call "objections."

Signs of life perhaps less desirable to be left behind,

yet will likely remain from our era for many many years.

Leftover, half-cropped artifacts of camping gear and helmets

waiting to be dug up by future archaeologists.


To be a stone 

atop Atalaya mountain

living in alignment

To honor our teachers

keep plans with family

simplify our abundunce,

and keep an open heart

To expand our circles

be at ease, so easy

To let it rain